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 The Most Beautiful And Colorful Houses 

1. Istanbul, Turkey

2. Mykonos, Greece

3. Rainbow House In Brooklyn

4. Rainbow House In Usa

5. Zamość, Poland

6. Colorful House In Nippes, Cologne, Germany

7.Carabanchel 24 Building In Madrid, Spain

8. Colorful House In San Francisco

9. Music Playing House Wall

10. A House That Should Really Be In The Land Of Oz


Samus doing her morning routine before going out to smash some faces. Wonder what she’ll be wearing today? I guess she’s got a couple of choices. owo/

This piece was drawn for the upcoming fighting game themed gallery, tournament, and charity “The Art of Fighting”

More info on their FB page:


and twitter: @aofabq

If you are near Albuquerque New Mexico, you should check it out!

They will also be streaming on Saturday:



This is another info graphic I did advocating for snakes. When spring comes around snakes start to come out of hibernation and sometimes will end up in people’s backyards. Snakes around this time are killed left and right, whether it is completely harmless or venomous. I want to urge people to learn about snakes and also to leave snakes alone!

Bringing this back in light of recent events.

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